Campfire 30 Pack

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Our campfire is a combination of wood and a special wax/gel made into a disc. It has an Easy Fire as a wick to make lighting incredibly simple!

Just remove from plastic, pull up wick and light with matches or a flint & Steel. This will burn approximately 15 minutes or more, this gives you a good amount of time to get a good fire going quickly. The Camp Fire is shrink wrapped to keep it waterproof.

This is good to use at home to start a quick fire in the fireplace and not need to use newspaper, takes up less space than all the newspaper you normally need to collect and less messy. Great for a quick trip with the family to roast a hotdog or marshmallow on the mountain without the fight to get a fire going. Keep this in all your vehicles, ATV, snowmobile, backpack, boat. Buy this individually or by the case and save money. You can have it delivered monthly so you can always have it available to start your fireplace and not run out.


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Campfire 30 Pack

Campfire 30 Pack